A Student Conference on Medical Image Analysis

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A Student Conference For Biomedical Image Computing

We meet every alternate Thursday afternoon (CET), where a speaker presents one of their recently published articles. The talk is for roughly 30 minutes, followed by a discussion for 30 to 45 minutes. The list of previous and upcoming talks is given below. This is the meeting link.

Date Time (CET) Speaker Talk Paper Slides Video
02.12.2021 14:30 Dana Rahbani Sequential Gaussian Process Regression for Simultaneous Pathology Detection and Shape Reconstruction link link link
04.11.2021 14:30 Tianfei Zhou Exploring Cross-Image Pixel Contrast for Semantic Segmentation link link link
21.10.2021 14:30 Chaoping Zhang A Unified Model for Reconstruction and R2*-Mapping in Accelerated 7T MRI link link link
14.10.2021 14:30 João Carvalho Spatial Dependency Networks link
link link
07.10.2021 14:30 Kerem Tezcan Sampling possible reconstructions of undersampled acquisitions in MR imaging link link link
23.09.2021 14:30 Jan Unkelbach Target volume definition in radiotherapy link link link
09.09.2021 14:30 Qi Dou The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Next-generation Robotic Surgery link link link
12.08.2021 16:00 Archana Venkataraman You can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks - Deep Learning in Data Starved Regimes link
link link
29.07.2021 14:30 Daniel Moyer Scanner Invariant MRI Representations link link link
15.07.2021 14:30 Julian Krebs Learning a Generative Motion Model From Image Sequences link
link link
01.07.2021 14:30 Angelica I. Aviles-Rivero Functionals, Neural Nets and Beyond: The Power of Hybrid Models
with Minimal Supervision for Medical Image Classification
link link link
24.06.2021 14:30 Herve Lombaert Graph Convolutions - Examples on brain surfaces link link link
17.06.2021 14:30 Valery Vishnevskiy Model-Aware Neural Networks for Image Reconstruction link
link link
10.06.2021 14:30 Marco Lorenzi Federated Learning in Medical Imaging: from Theory to Practice link
link link
03.06.2021 14:30 Roman Ludwig A Hidden Markov Model for Lymphatic Tumor Progression link link link
27.05.2021 14:30 Miguel Monteiro Uncertainty Modeling in Image Segmentation link link link
20.05.2021 14:30 Adrian Dalca Amortized Hyperparameter Learning link link link
06.05.2021 14:30 Stanley Durrleman Spatiotemporal Statistical Shape Analysis link
link link
29.04.2021 14:30 Marc Niethammer A Shooting Formulation of Deep Learning link link link
22.04.2021 14:30 Francesco La Rosa Image Synthesis for Improved Tissue and Lesion Segmentation link link link
15.04.2021 15:00 Akshay Chaudhari Data-Efficient AI for Accelerated MRI Acquisition link link link
01.04.2021 14:30 Meenakshi Khosla Predicting Cortical Response to Natural Stimuli using Deep Learning link link link
25.03.2021 14:30 Anton Becker Longitudinal Analysis of Brown Fat in Cancer Patients link link link
11.03.2021 14:30 Mauricio Reyes Interpretability-driven Active Sample Selection link link link
04.03.2021 14:30 Neerav Karani Robust Segmentation of Medical Images link link link
25.02.2021 14:30 Bjoern Menze Image-based Modeling of Tumour Growth link link link